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Fast and discreet shipping

Fast and discreet shipping


Don’t worry, it’s on the way.

When we say fast, we mean fast. After you accept the order, we’ll work in overdrive to get your order shipped out on the same day or by the next business day. After you order something, you want it in your hands as fast as possible. We get it, we’re the same way.

Just like you, we expect our products to be packaged, processed, and shipped as soon as I click buy. In addition to speed, we value your privacy. Don’t worry about your grandma picking up a package labeled authentic sex toy. Every item we ship is packaged in a discreet plain brown box or padded bubble mailer with no identifying markings or text. Your order will always be 100% anonymous with us. All packages will be shipped by either USPS, FedEx, Dhl, or UPS.  Additionally, most, if not all of our shipments will arrive at their destination in under 7 business days. Take a look below to understand how our shipping fees work.


Shipping fees

Unlike some other companies that we won’t name, Orgasmic Deals doesn’t hide behind our shipping fees.

We know that one of the first things your eyes gravitate towards is the shipping costs. That’s why we want to tell you upfront that we love you. Also, we want to say that shipping fees are never calculated into the price of your products.

To keep things easy-peasy, all shipping fees are based on weight. Don’t fall for the hocus pocus. You know there’s no such thing as free shipping. Companies always find a way to incorporate it into the price somehow. With us, we like to fly straight. It’s as simple as checking the chart to see the shipping cost based on your product’s weight. That’s it!

 All shipping fees will be calculated in real-time when checking out for your convenience.


Shipping fees:

Weight Shipping and Packaging Fees
From 0.0 to 0.50 lbs $5.99
From 0.1 to 0.99 lbs $6.99
From 1 to 1.99 lbs $9.99
From 2 to 2.99 lbs $10.45
From 3 to 3.99 lbs $11.99
From 4 to 4.99 lbs $12.99
From 5 to 5.99 lbs $14.99
From 6 to 6.99 lbs $15.99
From 7 to 7.99 lbs $16.45
From 8 to 8.99 lbs $16.99



We want to ensure that all of our buyers are offered all the benefits that the internet has to offer. In order to ensure that all of our buyers qualify for Buyer Protection, we only accept payment through PayPal.

PayPal allows you to complete your purchase quickly and securely. It offers a variety of payment options including all the major debit and credit card carriers.

You can make a purchase also without having a Paypal account.

Charges on your PayPal/credit card will show “TLP Marketing” as the merchant.


Purchase on Orgasmic Deals is risk-FREE! Your purchase includes Manufacturer Warranty, Free Returns, and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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