Buying sex toys on Amazon? – Risk to your health

sex toys on amazon

Marketplaces looks really appealing places for purchasing adult sex toys. It seems that eBay and Amazon are the ones that many orgasm seekers trust and use most of the time. But unfortunately buying sex toys on Amazon can hurt you and your health.

Buying sex toys on Amazon or other marketplaces looks really appealing because of their super low prices and fast shipping. Customers are blinded with unjustified trust that marketplaces are standing for.  Everything looks perfect and legit, but unfortunately, there is a huge problem that eBay money-back guarantee and Amazon A-to-Z guarantee will not save you from.


Yes, believe it or not, marketplaces like eBay and Amazon are flooded with low quality, cheap adult toys. Most of them are made of unknown, non-tested and dangerous materials that will harm your health.

We are getting offers from shady Chinese and Indian companies almost every week. They try to sell us adult sex toys that mimic almost all the biggest sex toy manufacturers. Some of them also mimic packaging, so it is really hard to tell that the product is counterfeit.

They offer their counterfeit and dangerous products for only a fraction of the price that authentic manufacturers sell their products to distributors.

Furthermore, they are claiming that their products are made of body-safe and FDA tested materials, which is not true in most cases.

So how is it possible that you can buy those sex toys as authentic on Amazon and other marketplaces?

It`s simply because marketplaces want to be efficient as much as possible and want to process their data fast and easy. That’s why they sort all products based on UPC or ASIN codes. So, this simply means that sellers who sell cheap counterfeit sex toys do not have any hard work at all.

They simply take a UPC or ASIN code from manufacturer authentic product and copy-paste it to their counterfeit product. Then all they need to do is to steal pictures and descriptions from the manufacturer and Voila.

Marketplace algorithm recognizes their products as authentic ones. Because most of the time they priced their product bellow authentic ones, marketplace algorithms will show their products to potential customers instead of the authentic products. So that’s why there is quite a big chance that you will buy a counterfeit sex toy over an authentic one.

But this is not the only problem. It becomes even more risky when you are buying sex toys on Amazon.

There is no doubt, Amazon is a trendsetter in the e-commerce world. It also comes with some sort of trust among the customers and that’s why it’s a gold mine for fraudsters. Because of their FBA program (Fulfillment by Amazon), customers can enjoy fast and cheap shipping to almost any part of the states.

But if you are aware of how FBA works, then you will see that there is plenty of room for shady companies and their cheap counterfeit products.

If you are not living on the Moon, you definitely already bought some product from Amazon. So you already notice that a lot of products are marked with FULFILLED BY AMAZON. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that this means that products are sold by Amazon itself and because of this they simply trust that product that they bought is safe and authentic.

This is really far, far away from reality.

Fulfilled by Amazon means that sellers ship their products to one of 70+ amazon fulfillment warehouses.

As explained before, they need to equip all products with UPC or ASIN code. Because space in the warehouse is limited, sellers do not get designated storage space. Because of this, Amazon stores all products with the same UPC or ASIN code in the same designated area, or like they call it in the bins. They mix all products with the same code together.

There is a lot of sellers that sell the same products (Authentic and Counterfeit) and send their stock to Amazon with the same UPC or ASIN codes. Amazon, unfortunately, does not have a clue which product is authentic and which is not. If UPS or ASIN code is same, Amazon takes it for granted that all products are Authentic.

Since Amazon wants that you get your order asap for the cheapest shipping fees possible, all products are also spread between warehouses across the States. After you place an order for your new super-duper body-safe and authentic sex toy, Amazon transfers your order to the nearest warehouse to your location and someone picks the product with belonging UPC or ASIN code from the communal bin.

What could go possibly wrong when buying sex toys on Amazon?

Because all products with the same code are stored in the same bin, this means that you will not get the product stocked from Amazon retailer you bought the product from. You could buy your new toy from a reputable Amazon retailer and still ended up with a hazardous counterfeit product.

Because of this, there is a really huge risk involved in purchasing adult toys on Amazon.

I am not saying that all adult sex toys that are sold on Amazon are counterfeit. They are definitely not. But because of their system, there`s always a chance that you will not get the product that you should get.

It is like playing Russian roulette with your health, because there’s no way to tell which product will be packed and shipped to you. Authentic one or counterfeit?

Are you still willing to take a risk?

Unfortunately, most people are not even aware that they own a counterfeit adult toys till the day product brake or they need some assistance. Because most manufacturers offer some sort of warranty for their adult sex toys, customers often contacting them if there is a problem with the product they bought.

Manufacturers that we are working with, stating that counterfeit products sold from Amazon, become a really huge problem. They are getting defective products back regularly and they need to check them because of the warranty process. Upon inspection, they find out new fakes every day. Customers are always shocked when they find out that product that should be authentic is not even close to it.

Counterfeit products are not covered with manufacturer warranty, so customers lost their money and without a product. But there is an even a bigger issue.

Was the sex toy they used a couple of times really made from body safe material?

Unfortunately, the answer is straightforward. 99% of fake sex toys are not made with body safe materials like authentic adult toys. With buying sex toys on Amazo you will not jeopardize just your wallet, but also your health. And your health need to be the most important thing and your No.1 priority.

How to stay on the safe side when buying sex toys?

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to resolve this problem. But if you take in to account a few preventive measures, there is a great chance that you will get an authentic sex toy with manufacturer warranty and stay safe.


  • Avoid buying sex toys on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress or any other marketplace


  • Spend a few bucks more and purchase your new pleasure object with retailer that you can trust


  • Purchase only at retailers that offer  manufacturer warranty and are willing to tell you where did they get their products from (directly from manufacturer or distributor)


  • Always check the product that you`ve got and contact the manufacturer or distributor if you will have any doubts. Manufacturers and distributors exactly know who sells their products. If the retailer that you purchased your new adult toy from is not on the manufacturer or distributor list, then this is a huge sign that something is wrong. I would suggest avoiding any purchase from such a retailer because it is a huge risk that you will end with dangerous counterfeit sex toys.

I totally understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and that everyone wants to get products for a super cheap price. But sometimes you need to take into consideration different aspects and when we come to sex toys, there is, unfortunately, no free lunch.

But that doesn`t mean that you will need to break your piggy bank to get authentic sex toy for a great price. You can find really great bargains from authorized retailers that stand behind the products. You can get authentic sex toys with manufacturer warranty and body-safe materials for even better prices than on any marketplace.

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